Putting is an essential part of the game of golf, as it is the final shot that determines whether or not a player sinks the ball into the hole. A good putter has a smooth and consistent stroke, and is able to read the green and adjust their shot accordingly.

To become a good putter, it is important to first develop a comfortable and consistent grip on the putter. This typically involves placing the handle of the putter in the palms of your hands, with your thumbs pointing down the shaft of the club. Your grip should be light and relaxed, allowing you to make a smooth and natural stroke.

Next, focus on your stance and alignment. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and aligned with the target. Your weight should be evenly distributed and your shoulders should be square to the target line.

To make a putting stroke, start by taking the putter back smoothly, keeping the clubhead low to the ground and moving it straight back. As you swing back, shift your weight to your back foot and turn your hips and shoulders. At the top of your backswing, your weight should be fully on your back foot and your shoulders should be fully turned.

To hit the ball, shift your weight forward and turn your hips and shoulders through the impact zone. The clubhead should be in line with the ball and the target at impact, and your arms should be fully extended. Follow through by continuing to turn your hips and shoulders and extending your arms fully towards the target.

In addition to having a good technique, it is also important to read the green and adjust your shot accordingly. This involves looking at the slope and contours of the green, as well as any obstacles that may affect the path of the ball. By making small adjustments to your aim and stroke, you can improve your ability to sink putts and lower your score on the course.

Practice regularly and focus on making a smooth and controlled stroke to become a confident and skilled putter. With time and dedication, you can improve your putting game and take your overall performance on the golf course to the next level.Try again

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