Brand your store or club’s fantasy golf league at Teepster

One and Done fantasy golf site Teepster has launched a new feature giving your golf club, golf store, or your mates’ golf league a more personal touch.

Teepster is a place where you can create your own league to play on the PGA Tour with your buddies.

Weekend golfers, golf clubs, and golf stores have created leagues at Teepster to see who can select the best golfer playing each week and come out on top at the end of the season.

Several Teepsters have walked away with some great prizes, some have taken a few dollars of their mates and others have simply walked away with invaluable bragging rights.

Now, these leagues can be branded with your golf league name, club logo, or link back to your latest discount golf sale.

League owners can now upload an image with a URL link via a new premium feature with a two-month free trial period. The image will sit at the top of the league page for all users to access. The image and web link can be changed unlimited times at any stage throughout the season.

If you haven’t yet started a Teepster league or are unsure what it is – here are a few details.

Teepster is free to use and anyone can set up a league at any time. Simply sign in and create a league and then choose which PGA Tour events you’d like to play. Play just the majors, just the east coast swing or all of them!

Each week, each user selects one golfer from the field to represent them for the week. Whatever money they earn on the tour is converted into virtual Teepster dollars.

The catch? You can only select one golfer once per season. So select wisely!

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