‘More Canny Than Uncanny’: Golf World Divided Over Charlie Woods’ Golf Swing Resemblance to That of Father Tiger Woods – EssentiallySports

‘More Canny Than Uncanny’: Golf World Divided Over Charlie Woods’ Golf Swing Resemblance to That of Father Tiger Woods – EssentiallySports

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Tiger Woods’s son, Charlie Woods, has had the opportunity to be trained by probably the best trainer anyone in the world could ask for. Charlie recently made a swing that went viral on Twitter. Fans had different reactions to who it resembles to.
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One of the best players in PGA Tour History, Tiger Woods, has unparalleled skill in the sport of golf. Tiger is driven to contribute his share when it comes to making change for the good. The pro golfer puts his legacy in high regard and values it in every way possible. Charlie’s slow yet impressive entry into the world of golf is interesting to many followers as they continue to compare him to his star golfer father.
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The Junior Woods is on his way to making his hold on the world of golf stronger by the day. The young talent recently went viral on Twitter for his viral swing.
Is Tiger Woods Playing the 2022 PNC Championship With His Son Charlie?
9 days ago
The Caddie Network on Twitter compared this swing made by Charlie to his father, Tiger Woods. They even termed it uncanny. However, not a lot of Twitter users agreed to this. Instead, they went ahead to compare Charlie’s move to Rory McIlroy’s.
Fans were, however, not far behind in appreciating this move made by Charlie. They termed it commendable and went ahead to share that they have a positive expectation attached to the pro golfer’s son’s future.
They also compared his mannerism to Tiger Woods. However, most users chose to stick to the argument that his definitely more Rory McIlroy than Tiger Woods.
Only time will tell what is ahead for Charlie and who his swing most closely resembles.
Fans on Twitter were quick to react to this mind-blowing swing. As soon as Charlie’s impressive game made its way to the fans, the golf world turned into a contest for predicting the future of Junior Woods. Golf fans from all around the world started to pour in with their diverse reactions to this big comparison of son Charlie Woods to his father Tiger Woods.
Yeah his swing isn’t anything close to pops. Def more Rory vibes.
— The Kane & Kohlway Show 🎙 (@kanekohlwayshow) November 10, 2022

Dude got taller & put on some weight his is going to be a problem at 15 even for some pros. He might get a dad exemp to a PGA event😳in a few years will see what the PGA and the media say about that. But definitely would be interesting or he can walk on the LIV tour and makes💰💰 pic.twitter.com/AFj98XQFhu
[email protected] (@JoshM1LeGaCy1) November 10, 2022

Resemblance of Rory then yeah. Not of Tiger tho
— Joey Jarrett (@joeyjarrett9) November 10, 2022

⚡️I’m gonna say it’s more canny than uncanny at this point⚡️
— Fortino (@BigYayEnergy) November 10, 2022

show me charlie in 5 years. leave him alone.
— @kotzMorg (@kotzMorg1) November 10, 2022

this kids got a future…
— Basic Johnson 🇺🇸 (@JohnsonBasic) November 10, 2022

Bold prediction, Charlie gets an AJGA win as a 15 year old.
— Brian A (@Batazzivt) November 10, 2022

Was this before or after he finished 14 shots out of the lead? You guys try to pump him up to be something he is not. Just ask Jack's kids if you need some perspective
— Carl Reagle (@reagle_c) November 10, 2022
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The mannerisms are, indeed. But the core golf swing is very different.
— Million Dollar Golfer (@golf_stash) November 10, 2022

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