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Is golf

Golf is more expensive than walking, running, table tennis, badminton, basketball, and other sports. The cost is high. But it is not expensive. Golf equipment includes a set of clubs, balls, caps, gloves, shoes, clothes. The setup cost is high. However, a set of clubs will be used for 10 years and will be sold after 8 years. The famous brand is sold at 2-3% off the original price. The opportunity is great. Golf clubs, you can also buy used clubs. It becomes cheaper. Golf in North America. It is a popular sport. Everyone does not think it is expensive. Play an 18-hole golf course. It’s about $40-150. Sometimes, you can play a round of golf for more than 10 yuan. Compared to the charges in Asia, it’s really too cheap. Live in North America and don’t play golf.

How is golf different from other sports?

Golf means playing on a 9-hole or 18-hole golf course. It takes about 2-5 hours. It is a very personal outdoor sport. Walking and running are both personal outdoor sports. But it is boring. Table tennis. Badminton. Basketball is played against each other and is mostly an indoor sport. The field is small and unchanged. Golf can be played in a group of up to 4 people, but they are all played separately. It is irrelevant. It can be regarded as one person playing 


The balls hit by the rod. They are all in different positions. Different landscapes. The field is large. It can be compared to other sports.

Why do I need to pay tuition to learn golf?

Pay tuition to learn golf courses, you can get recognized professional guidance, and systematically learn various golf styles. Correct swing posture . Simple rules and etiquette of golf. Paying tuition fees can do more with less . In. Meet more like-minded new friends. The money you pay is worth the money .
There are many golfers who do not pay to learn golf 

lessons . They only play practice balls at the golf driving range under the guidance of familiar relatives and friends. Then go to the golf course. Although it saves the cost of learning golf lessons. But after playing for many years.. always feel that something is missing. Good times and bad.

What clubs do I need to buy? ​The

regulations stipulate that a set of clubs cannot exceed 14 clubs. To learn golf, of course you need to buy a set of clubs. But you don’t necessarily need to buy 14 clubs. But a set of irons is another Adding wood and putting are indispensable. In the process of learning, we will teach the skills of using different types of clubs.​A
 of basic clubs includes Driver (1 wood), Fairway Wood (fairway wood) ), Iron (iron), Putter (putter). And Hybrid (hybrid) is also indispensable in the bag.
Most golf equipment manufacturers have sets for beginners, complete sets of clubs and bags. , fully equipped. Beginners only need to express their interest to the salesperson who sells golf equipment,

I hope to buy a set of clubs for beginners. I believe that under the recommendation of the salesperson, I can buy suitable 
clubs .

The more common one is 10.5 degrees. 9.5 degrees. Ladies also use 12.5 degrees. ​Iron (Iron) .
Beginners to buy iron club head (Club Hand) belongs to Cavity Back ( socket) iron. It is more suitable. From Iron #5 or #6 to #9 plus P (5 or 6 to 9) No. 3, 4, and 5 Hybrid. Beginners can be equipped with 1 to 3 sticks. As you like. Buy Driver (1 driver) ), Fairway Wood (fairway wood), Iron (iron), Hybrid (hybrid). Ask for Shaft’s Flex (softness of the shaft). Choose Flex R (for average hardness), and seniors choose Flex M (Indicates suitable for the elderly) Ladies choose Flex L (indicates suitable for women). Shaft (the shaft of the club) has a lot of knowledge, which can be expressed in a few words. As for choosing Graphite Shaft ( carbon fiber shaft) or Steel Shaft (stainless steel stalk). Including Price, each has advantages and disadvantages. Choose at will. The purchase of Putter (putter) is relatively simple. Pay attention to the length. The  


of the ordinary adult Putter (putter) can be selected between 33-35”. Difficult to control. Ladies can choose a length 1-2 inches shorter.

​How to choose a golf coach?

In North America, there are two types of golf coaches. One is a member of the Professional Golf’s Association of Canada, referred to as CPGA. Member of Canadian Golf Coaches Association).
About CGTF. I have a special introduction in CGTF Canadian Golf Coaches Association . You can read it at any time.
About CPGA. Here is a brief introduction: To become a CPGA member. It takes about 3 years to apply Relevant courses. Mainly to learn the management and operation of golf courses. Golf teaching is part of it. After completing the course, take the golf practical ability test. Play 2 rounds. The total score in 2 rounds cannot exceed 159. Simple It is said that a par-72 course must be played below 80 to qualify. To become a CPGA member. 

money In terms of teaching, because the CPGA
membership fee is high. Is it worth the money? There is a long-standing debate. My opinion is, whether CGTF or CPGA . Each coach has his own unique teaching method. If you have 1 -2 years of golf experience. Or beginners want to become the second Tiger Wood in the future. It is more suitable to learn from CPGA. If beginners just want to participate in golf. Systematically learn various golf styles and postures.. Learn from CGTF More suitable. Why pay More?
A lot of people including me. There is a beautiful misunderstanding. Treat PGA members and PGA Tour players as equals. Basically, the two are very different . The members of the CPGA are very large. There are about 10 players in Canada who can play the PGA Tour.
According to Canadian law, lawyers, doctors and other professionals must have valid professional licenses to engage in related work. Because golf teaching does not have Relevant laws and regulations. In order to protect your own interests. When choosing a golf coach for payment, you must understand clearly and ask the coach to show relevant valid licenses

​How to choose a golf course?

Students who have never been exposed to golf come to the school to study. About 10% of the students have completed the 5 lessons of the beginner swing . I would advise students not to continue to pay for learning. Instead, play more practice balls by themselves in the future. Classmates or friends go out to play. After accumulating experience, come to tutoring and further correct the swing.
About 80% of the students. That is, most of the students. You need to complete the complete introductory 9 lessons before you can consider playing off the court.
There are also about 10% of students. Need to complete 15 lessons. After completing 15 lessons. If it is still not ideal. I will give up teaching on the driving range. Method. I hope that students will make more progress.

For beginners, it is more appropriate to book a complete introductory 9 -course course. Then make a choice based on the learning progress. If you choose a course of 1 and 3 lessons, it is not suitable for beginners. Golf Sports. It is difficult to learn and difficult to master, but it attracts many people to learn. Every beginner student. The estimated tuition fee is between $300-$600 . It depends on the students’ comprehension ability.
After completing the course, you should play more practice balls. Play more on the golf course. Remember. Learning is only to make you understand the swing. Practice more. Only then can you master the swing. If the conditions are right, it is best to come back and learn within half a year to one year after the initial play. 3 more lessons. Make your swing more proficient. Make progress faster .

​What age is suitable for children to learn golf?

Parents call me. Ask questions about children learning golf. The first question I ask parents is: Does the child’s parents play golf. Does the parent play golf. It has a lot to do with the age at which children learn to play golf.
If parents have the habit of playing golf. I would recommend parents to let their children learn golf as soon as possible. Imagine. Parents and their children stroll on the green grass course together . This kind of happiness is incomparable with any money.
If the parents do not have the habit of playing golf, I would recommend that the children learn after the age of 14. It is too young to learn. They have to play practice balls and have a coach to accompany them. Playing on the court. Costs too much. Of course. If parents want to raise their children like Tiger Wood. That’s a different matter. It is necessary to let the children learn as soon as possible. Even system. Consider moving to Florida. In a better place Golfing in a golfing environment  . 
According to this statement. Parents who don’t play golf for children under the age of 14. Lose early exposure to golf? That’s not. Bijing. This is Canada. Golf is extremely popular. During the summer vacation every year. Many golf courses hold golf summer camps. This is a good opportunity for children to get in touch with golf. Slowly develop their interest in golf. Children begin to learn golf. Also join the Canadian Junior Golf Association (Canadian Junior Golf Association) . ) Become a member. Participate in various activities organized by the association. Let children know more children of the same age. Improve children’s interest in golf. At the stage of HIght School. You can join private golf clubs (many private golf clubs are very cheap The price allows juniors to join as a member. Learn more. Get closer to professional golf.

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