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Golf swings off the tee are supposed to be fun. Watching it on TV makes the shot look easy and effortless. But try hitting it on an actual course and you realize how difficult they really are. But John Daly, who has one of the best golf swings, is here to offer some key tips on how to hit a draw.
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Daly made his pro debut in 1987 and quickly made a name for himself, thanks to his tremendous tee distance. Simply put, he hit the ball furthest among all the other golfers on the course. It looks like he is embedding that skill in his son, John Daly II, when he suggested a few tips to Daly Jr. on his draw.
“Always check your ball position. If you’re hitting it fat or too far behind it, just move it one way or the other so you don’t. Just make it simple,” Daly says. The whole point, according to Daly, was to make golf easier and natural to your game.
Instructor @PGA_JohnDaly on hitting a draw.
Featuring his son.
— PGA TOUR Champions (@ChampionsTour) December 2, 2020

He further offered intricate tips on how to improve a draw. “The more the ball is up [in your stance], the more the clubface should be rotating right to left, which makes you hit it further left.”
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A draw in golf simply refers to the ball flight that moves in a controlled manner. For a right-handed player, a draw moves slightly right-to-left, whereas for a left-handed player, a draw moves slightly left-to-right.
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John Daly II is a regular companion to his dad in Tours around the world. Playing the game since the age of 2, he is a freshman golfer at Arkansas. He has also bagged a sponsorship deal with the Hooters brand alongside his father.
Daly also showered praises on his son’s game, complimenting his skill at such a young age. “Even in little John’s age, now where he’s played since he was 2….he knows where the balls got to be hit, his 5-yard draw, 10-yard draw, 20-yard draw,” Daly said.
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The pair won the 2021 PNC Championship, an annual golf tournament for two-player teams consisting (usually) of golfers and their sons. The father-son duo won by a margin of two strokes over golf legend Tiger Woods and his son Charlie Woods. Interestingly, the current champions won by scoring 117 points, the best in the tournament’s history, eclipsing the 118 points by Davis Love III and his son Dru Love in 2018.
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