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By Charlotte Karp For Daily Mail Australia

Robbie Awad (pictured in Sydney last week) never registered a charity in his wife’s name
A groom who has been charged over the death of his young bride following a golf buggy accident during their Hamilton Island honeymoon never registered a charity he promised to launch in her name.
Robbie Awad, 30, married Marina Hanna, 29, at a vibrant church ceremony in Sydney on June 11 – three days before they set off on a lavish trip to Queensland‘s tropical resort island.
But their new lives together were tragically cut short on June 19 when the electric buggy they were travelling in allegedly flipped over, tipping Ms Hanna out of the vehicle and onto the road.
She went into cardiac arrest and died on the scene. Mr Awad was charged on November 11 with driving without due care and attention causing death, seatbelt offences and using a mobile phone.
Sources have revealed Mr Awad, who is also known as Mr Morgan, plans to plead not guilty to the offences.
Following her death, her widower pledged to launch the Marina Morgan Foundation – a charity organisation designed to ‘spread love, patience and kindness’ into the world.
However, Daily Mail Australia can reveal the charity wasn’t formally registered, and never moved beyond dedicated social media pages.
Robbie Awad and Marina Hanna (pictured at their engagement party) got married on June 19, but their lives together were cut short
Robbie Awad pledged to launch the Marina Morgan Foundation, but it was never registered
Furthermore, it is understood Mr Awad knew he could be charged over his wife’s death as far back as late July – four months ago. 
Mr Awad declined to comment when contacted by Daily Mail Australia.
However, his close friend and foundation co-founder Sara Perry said they had every intention of launching the charity after Ms Hanna’s death.
‘We still have intentions to do it, but just because of the situation and what’s happened, it’s not something we can do right now,’ she explained, referring to the criminal charges.
‘It’s pretty frustrating and sad. But everything got put on hold because of the processes that need to happen.’
Mr Awad announced his intention to launch the Marina Morgan Foundation in late June – two weeks after his wife’s death.
Marina Hanna and Robbie Awad are pictured together during their Hamilton Island honeymoon – just days before her death in an alleged buggy crash
Marina and Robbie Morgan are pictured in a convertible car on their wedding day in Sydney
‘The foundation will hold two major events every year, each year going forward,’ he said at the time. 
‘The first will be a charity ball, the second will be a family fun day, as Marina held family close to her heart always.’
The family fun days will feature rides, slides, and food trucks, and the nominated charity will change for each event. 
Mr Awad said there will only be one event this year – the inaugural black-tie ball in November – with raised funds to be donated to Ronald McDonald House.
The children’s non-for-profit organisation was chosen because it was last place Ms Morgan did charity work before she died.
Mr Awad said the foundation’s ‘main message’ is ‘spreading love and hope to people who need it’. 
Marina Hanna’s relatives welcomed Robbie Awad to their family (left). Less than a week before he was charged, Ms Hanna’s relative wrote on Instagram: ‘Don’t worry darling, thy will be done’ with an angry emoji
Daily Mail Australia revealed on Sunday that Ms Hanna’s family dramatically turned on the groom before charges were laid earlier in November – just months after he was ‘welcomed into the family’.
On November 5, which would have been Ms Hanna’s 30th birthday, one relative uploaded a photo of her grave – which was decorated with flowers and balloons.
Over the top of the photo, the family member wrote: ‘Don’t don’t worry darling, thy will be done,’ next to an angry, swearing emoji.
‘I got you, like I always have.’ 
Mr Awad was charged less than a week later.
His matter will be mentioned in Proserpine Magistrate’s Court on December 5. 
June 2019: Robbie Awad asked Marina Hanna to be his wife at a lavish dinner in Sydney in June 2019, surrounded by candles and rose petals, with a large sign that read: ‘Marina, will you marry me?
She said yes, and wrote a post about it on Facebook. 
July 2021: They were supposed get married on July 24, but lockdowns and venue capacity limits during the pandemic got in the way. 
They moved the celebration to June the following year, also pushing back the date of their Hamilton Island honeymoon. Unbeknown to them, the change of plans was a life or death decision.
June 11, 2022: The couple got married at St Mary & St Merkorious Coptic Orthodox Church in Rhodes, in Sydney’s north-west, followed by a reception at Doltone House, at Hyde Park in the CBD.
Robbie Morgan proposed to Marina Hanna at a Sydney venue with rose petals and candles (pictured)
Ms Hanna’s brother shared a series of happy snaps from the big day, including a photo of him with Mr Awad – ‘welcome to the family, brother’, he wrote.
June 13: They flew to Hamilton Island to spend a few weeks relaxing and sipping cocktails in luxury.
In a tragic video posted on Instagram before her death, Mr Awad could be seen driving the buggy to the couple’s lavish oceanside resort, as his wife filmed the scenery from the passenger’s seat. 
‘Good morning alright,’ the caption reads, before the camera pans across the holiday isle’s stunning layered pools lining the rooms, overlooking the beach.
June 20: Mr Awad was allegedly driving the electric golf buggy down Whitsunday Boulevard with Ms Hanna in the passenger seat, when they started running out of power.
Initial reports claimed they tried to do a U-turn to go back and charge the buggy, but the vehicle flipped over. Ms Hanna allegedly fell out of the vehicle and onto the road.
Marina and Robbie Morgan married on June 11 at St Mary & St Merkorious Coptic Orthodox Church in Sydney surrounded by loved ones
Bystanders including an off-duty firefighter, dentist and doctor, tried for 35 minutes to save her life – but the young woman was in cardiac arrest.
A helicopter was originally called from nearby Townsville to take her to hospital, but was stood down. She died at the scene.
June 27: Mr Awad told Daily Mail Australia he would launch the Marina Morgan Foundation to honour her life. 
July 2: Friends and family went to her funeral, at the same church she was married in just weeks prior. Mr Awad and her family appeared united in their grief.
November 11: Mr Awad was charged with his wife’s death.
November 17: A source close to Mr Awad told Daily Mail Australia he will plead not guilty. 
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