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It is not wrong to say that Bryson DeChambeau is the bravest player in the golf world right now. After all, he changed his clubs to his linkings and even changed his physique to improve his game. This led many to criticize him. However, one person would have appreciated such innovations in the sport; The legendary golfer who wanted each golfer to be unique – Arnold Palmer
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Arnie always had one piece of advice for every golfer, “swing your swing.” He never wanted one player to perfect their swings by imitating others. “Perfect in its imperfection,” the late golfer always used to say“Swing your swing. I know, I did.” 
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Many golfers have followed Palmer‘s advice and become successful in professional golfing. One of them is the 29-year-old DeChambeau, who tries to impart what the senior golfer advised him to his junior golfers. 
DeChambeau recently played the sport with the golf influencer Grant Horvat, who is also an aspiring golfer. As a YouTube content creator, DeChambeau also uploaded a video of them playing against each other on his channel, in which he can be seen advising the young golfer to get better. 
“Like Arnie said, ‘swing your swing,'” the 2020 US Open champion told Horvat. “Everybody has their own unique fingerprint to their golf swing,” he added. 
Furthermore, DeChambeau explained how not only the actions but the young golfer could innovate his swings through strategies and thought processes by giving himself as an example. 
Bryson DeChambeau Achieves a Massive Milestone
3 months ago
Notably, DeChambeau has always been open about how the famous ‘The Golfing Machine’ book helped him improve his swings. It takes time even to understand anything from the iconic book. However, nicknamed The Mad Scientist, DeChamebau read it and grasped its essence when he was only a teenager. 
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When Bryson DeChambeau showed up gaining muscles twice as last time in several months, the golf world was worried about him. The spectators thought this would ruin his career.
However, The Mad Scientist, who always calculates every move he makes, didn’t bulk up himself to ruin his career. He did it to gain more power and thus, cover more distance with each shot. And he found success as he is now one of the longest hitters in the golf world. Furthermore, DeChambeau won his first major at the 2020 US Open after bulking up. 
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Arnold Palmer wanted everyone to choose their own path while playing golf or perfecting their shots. He wanted each golfer to showcase his or her uniqueness. DeChambeau created his own identity by following the legendary golfer’s words. And he wants the new generation of golfers to do the same.  
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