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By Charlotte Karp For Daily Mail Australia

Marina Hanna and Robbie Awad are pictured together during their honeymoon
The family of a young bride killed in a honeymoon golf buggy crash have dramatically turned on the groom as he’s charged over her death – just months after he was ‘welcomed into the family’.
The falling out comes as one of the young bride’s relatives uploaded a photo of her decorated grave with a message, ‘don’t worry darling, thy will be done,’ next to an angry, swearing emoji.
Just months ago, the families of Robbie Awad (aka Robbie Morgan) and Marina Hanna, 29, were jointly brimming with pride during a lavish wedding at Sydney‘s Doltone House.
Photos of the lovers with their new in-laws were splashed all over Instagram with captions such as, ‘welcome to the family, brother’.
Three days later, the newlyweds took off on their honeymoon to Queensland’s Hamilton Island where they spent the first week sipping cocktails, lazing by the pool, and feasting on seafood platters.
But their happiness was short-lived.
Ms Hanna was riding along Whitsunday Boulevard in a golf buggy, allegedly driven by her new husband, on June 20 when the vehicle allegedly tipped over and she fell onto the road. She suffered catastrophic injuries and died on the scene.
The families put on a united front at her funeral at St Mary’s & St Merkorious Coptic Orthodox in Rhodes on July 2 – crying, hugging, and leaning on each other for support. However, the relationships soon fell apart.
The families were united during a lavish wedding in Sydney on June 11. Robbie Awad and Marina Hanna are pictured in the middle, surrounded by the bridal party
Marina Hanna’s relatives flooded social media with posts, welcoming Robbie Awad to their family (pictured)
Pictured: Robbie Awad hugs Marina Hanna’s brother during her funeral in July 
Despite police initially stating there was ‘no indication of dangerous driving’, Mr Awad, 30, was charged on November 11 with driving without due care and attention causing death, seatbelt offences, and using a mobile phone.
He will appear in Proserpine Local Court on December 5, and is expected to fight the charges.
Daily Mail Australia can reveal some of the young bride’s family members are furious with Mr Awad over the alleged events surrounding her death.
On November 5, which would have been Ms Hanna’s 30th birthday, one relative uploaded a photo of her grave – which was decorated with flowers and balloons.
Over the top of the photo, the family member wrote: ‘Don’t don’t worry darling, thy will be done,’ next to an angry, swearing emoji.
‘I got you, like I always have.’ 
Mr Awad was charged less than a week later.
Robbie Awad is pictured top centre with his groomsmen, which include some of Marina Hanna’s family
Marina Hanna and Robbie Awad  are pictured in a convertible car on their wedding day in Sydney earlier this month 
Sources also say family members have slammed a foundation Mr Awad promised to set up in her name.
Mr Awad previously spoke about how he planned to set up the Marina Morgan Foundation – a non-profit organisation designed to ‘spread love, joy and kindness to the world’.
A source close to Ms Hanna said her family took issue with the foundation for a few reasons – partly because the groom changed his last name from Morgan to Awad years ago, meaning the young woman’s name was never going to be Marina Morgan.
They have insisted she be remembered as Marina Hanna, rather than Marina Morgan or Awad.
The source also said Mr Awad was yet to set up the foundation, and doubted it would ever happen. 
On November 5, less than a week before Mr Awad was charged, Marina Hanna’s relative wrote on Instagram: ‘Don’t worry darling, thy will be done’ with an angry emoji
Family and friends filled a Sydney church for Ms Hanna’s funeral – the same church where she got married
Daily Mail Australia was unable to find a registered foundation under that name.
Mr Awad has been contacted for comment. 
Sources close to Mr Awad’s family told Daily Mail Australia earlier this week that he is planning to plead not guilty to the offences. 
One source said the situation is an ‘absolute tragedy’ and ‘worse for him than anyone could imagine’.
Just hours after Daily Mail Australia revealed he’d been charged on Wednesday, Mr Awad was spotted visiting a local hairdresser, after being dropped off by a friend driving a sports car.
Initial reports claimed Mr Awad was driving the electric buggy with his new wife in the passenger seat, when the vehicle started running out of power. 
Mr Awad is pictured, left, getting into a friend’s sports car on Wednesday afternoon. He then walked home in his activewear, including a jacket with a picture of a tuna on the front (right)
Devastated loved ones embraced Mr Awad as he broke down in tears outside the church as Ms Morgan’s white coffin, adorned with white flowers, arrived in the hearse 
The couple decided to do a U-turn to go back and charge the buggy, but it allegedly flipped over.
Queensland Police Inspector Anthony Cowan said: ‘It just appears inexperience in driving that type of vehicle, turned too quick and rolled on its side and unfortunately, it has ended up with this result.’ 
‘It’s just … tragic that the golf buggy, maybe through inexperience driving those types of vehicles while turning has rolled on its side.’
Investigators said alcohol was not involved, and there was no indication of dangerous driving.
A rescue helicopter in nearby Townsville was called to take the woman to hospital, but was stood down due to the severity of her injuries. 
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